TWICE(트와이스) The 1st Album(정규 1집) "twicetagram" FULL TRACKLIST

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Hello everyone, so yeah obviously this is a compilation of all the songs on the album for those who want to listen to all of them continuously. I just actually came back from the dead after Likey was released. lmao everyone lets support and continue streaming for Likey and let us beat records again!

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Track List(In Order):
1. "Likey"
2. "Turtle" (거북이; Geobugi)
3. "Missing U"
4. "Wow"
5. "FFW"
6. "Ding Dong"
7. "24/7"
8. "Look at Me" (날 바라바라봐; Nal Barabarabwa)
9. "Rollin'"
10. "Love Line"
11. "Don't Give Up" (힘내!; Himnae!)
12. "Having You" (널 내게 담아; Neol Naege Dama)
13. "Sleep Tight, Good Night" (잘자요 굿나잇; Jaljayo Gunnait)

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